This Medicine Will Make You Better….

The dryer was dead.  There I was with a hamper full of wet clothes and an appointment to keep.  It always seems like these things happen when we simply don’t have the time or energy to deal with them. The absolute worst timing but not something I could just ignore…

So I did what I always do when I have a “situation”.  I googled it.  And I got the answer.  I’m  always confident I’ll find the answer on the internet if I look.  Lucky for me it was a simple fix…

On the other hand,  we don’t  have to go looking for the latest health scares.  The news finds us–sugar is toxic, dangerous levels of arsenic in rice, an epidemic of diet related diseases affecting two-thirds of all adults, the first generation of children who may not outlive their parents.

What do we do?  Often times, nothing.  Because sometimes it seems like all we can manage is the status quo. Between work, school, and all the other activities in our busy lives, feeding our families is a ginormous task.


But we can’t afford to play the ostrich. The cost is too great. Our children deserve better.

What can we do?  We can start somewhere.  Here, for example.  We can make changes that make a difference. Educating ourselves and taking action.  A little at a time.  We can make responsible decisions that will help keep our families healthy and strong.

What will you find at Table Talk?

Make more conscientious food choices to encourage a household of healthy eaters… 

Teach your family about the basic food groups and why eating a balanced diet makes our bodies grow and learn. 

Become a savvy consumer.  It is possible to spend less and still buy healthy foods. 

Find easy recipes, tips, and resource links that will make mealtime a cinch.

Get a dose or two every week.  It’ll go down easy.  I promise.


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