How Real Are You? Take This Quiz to Find Out.

Food Day was celebrated last week, Wednesday the 24th, and I completely missed it!  In fact, I’d never even heard of it until it showed up as someone else’s link on the Facebook news feed.  Better late than never.

Food Day was created in 2011 by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) to promote a movement toward healthy, affordable, and sustainable food.  It’s about building the momentum to change and improve our country’s food policies and to educate people about real food.

Which got me to thinking.  Real food.  Isn’t all food real?  A Snickers bar is as real as a handful of peanuts, right?

Just a figment of my imagination…


Andrew Wilder from my new favorite blog, Eating Rules, defines real food as “any food that could be made by a person with reasonable skill in a home kitchen with whole-food ingredients.”

I call it honest food without an agenda.  You look at it and you know what it is.  Food that isn’t masquerading as something else.  Fruit, vegetables, milk, cheese, meat, nuts, grains…  You get the gist.

Real foods are as close to how they come from nature as they can be.  Processed food has been so transformed that it doesn’t necessarily look anything like it did to begin with. Many of a natural food’s inherent vitamins and minerals are stripped away through processing, not to mention the addition of unhealthy amounts of salt and calories in the form of added sugars and fats.

real: chicken

processed: chicken nuggets

real: potato

processed:  potato chips

real: corn on the cob

processed:  canned corn


Talk to your kids about the difference.  Play a game as you encounter highly processed food to see if they can identify the real food it came from.  Or the other way around going from real to processed.

Take the Eat Real Quiz to find out how real you’re eating.

As you go through your day, consider what you’re eating and ask yourself if it’s real or not.  Keep track of the amount of real food you have on your plate, and challenge yourself to add more of the good stuff and keep the frankenfood at bay.


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