Family Movie Night: 3 Food Movies to Watch Now!

It’s Friday and that typically means movie night at our house.  Dinner and a movie that is.  At home.  We gave up cable a few years ago when we realized that, although we were paying for 250 channels, we could never find anything worth watching.  What’s up with that?

We currently rely on Netflix and library DVDs for our viewing pleasure. There are some limitations but, on the other hand, we finally have a choice.

And since we’re concerned about food and family nutrition, we’ve seen quite a few really good movies/documentaries about those very subjects.  Just thought I would share a few of our favorites in case you’re looking for a good movie tonight.

They can all be found on Netflix. The first one is an animated, Disney movie.  Perfect for the younger set and, er, those of us who are young at heart.

Ratatouille  If you haven’t seen this movie, you must.  Remy, the hero, is a foodie–and a rat. For him, it’s all about creating and savoring real food. Definitely a one-of-a-kind rodent. And in the scenes that take place in a commercial kitchen, kids are exposed to professionals with job titles like sous-chef and saucier.  It provides an opening for talking about how these types of kitchens require many people to make a great meal happen. Maybe you can even make some ratatouille, which is a delicious vegetable based dish.


Oliver’s Twist  Jamie Oliver is a British cookbook author, restaurant owner and food activist advocating for healthier food.  In this show we get to watch Jamie driving around London on his sporty motorbike visiting market stalls and butcher shops to select the freshest real ingredients for the dishes we get to see him prepare back in his kitchen.  Our family enjoys his banter and drools over the finished dishes.  He does drink alcohol in some episodes but in moderation, of course.


Super Size Me  This movie is more appropriate for teens.  There’s some strong language, sexual references and a pretty graphic stomach stapling scene, but if you have a fast food addict in the house, this could be the antidote.  America has an obesity epidemic on its hands.  The question here is who’s responsible.  This documentary is humorously dead serious.

51T82FS9Y8L._AA160_I’m looking around for a new one for tonight.  Have any recommendations for me?